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Online Store’s Grand Re-Opening

Body Recall’s Store Grand Re- Opening The staff and I here at the home office are excited to announce the grand reopening of Body Recall’s store and all of its new features. We would also like to inform you on what we are doing to help all of... [Read more]

A Mover and Shaker

A Mover and Shaker People call Jeff Rubin a mover and shaker and a catalyst for positive change. As executive director of Body Recall, Inc., he is on the move fulfilling the mission to get more people moving. Along the way, he’s been shaking some things... [Read more]

Stick With It

“Stick” Now With Body Recall Body Recall-now has a new arrow (actually a baton shaped “stick”) in its quiver of resources to get people moving for better fitness and good health. Called a Zoogle stick, it is the creation of Will Caudill, a polio... [Read more]


DOMENICA BEATS THE ODDS Instructor credits Body Recall with recovery from bad fall  Instinctively, Domenica Jernigan knew that what had just happened to her was bad—very bad. After working 36 years as a registered nurse, she knew what was likely... [Read more]

img1Body Recall a non-profit organization based in Berea, Kentucky, was established in 1978 by Dorothy Chrisman, an athlete and Berea College professor. Since then, the body Recall program has grown from an exercise class for retired Bereans to a life time fitness program serving adults of all ages, youth from elementary school through high school, and special needs populations. There are over 300 certified Body Recall teachers in 31 states, teaching in colleges, hospitals, Ys, senior centers, county extension offices, health departments, churches, and other community settings.

Body Recall Inc. is a national non-profit organization founded in 1978 and headquartered in Berea, KY. A pioneer in designing and teaching fitness and flexibility training programs for older adults, special needs populations, and youth, we have served as a leader in advancing the cause of health, wellness, and lifetime fitness for more than 30 years.

Our goal:To get more people moving and keep them moving!

Over the years, Body Recall has helped tens of thousands of individuals faced with a number of health issues ranging from Alzheimers, Parkinsons, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, mental health, and stress, to insomnia, pre- and post-natal conditions, obesity, asthma and other pulmonary related diseases.

Because of our ability to challenge and engage people at all levels of fitness, many of our students, as well as teachers, have remained with Body Recall 20 years or more. What is significant to note in all this is that our instructors have always made allowances for people to participate in our programs regardless of their ability to pay.

Many of our classes therefore include people on low or fixed income who otherwise would not be able to experience the benefits that Body Recall has to offer. One of these benefits is training to address the issues associated with falls and fall recovery; a leading cause of injury and costly hospitalizations among all age groups, it is a particularly significant issue among the 65 plus population.

Falls are just part of the rising costs we face today. Given the sharp rise in chronic illnesses affecting both young and not so young alike, both here in Kentucky and elsewhere, we continue to spend billions of dollars in avoidable health care costs.

They are costs that Body Recall has been able to help people reduce or avoid through an approach to improved fitness that is practical, pain-free, and thorough.

Our mission:To offer all people a better quality of life through responsible movement that is pain-free and possible: to assist, inform, teach, and train people in the practice of lifetime fitness.

From the beginning, Body Recalls programs were intended to address the needs of the least of us as well as the best of us. Our approach speaks to people who come to Body Recall in all different shapes, abilities, ages, and sizes.

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Online Store’s Grand Re-Opening

Body Recall’s Store Grand Re- Opening The staff and I here at the home office are... 

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Results from government surveys show that doctors are telling more people to get... 

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