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Questions & Answers about Body Recall……

Body Recall programs challenge people of all ages and at all levels of physical ability, yet participants learn that lifetime fitness can be achieved through a structured program of slow, natural movement that is safe and pain-free.  Teachers are trained and certified by Body Recall, then re-certify every three years to ensure that they maintain the standards of excellence set for all Body Recall programs.

What makes Body Recall so unique

  • Natural movement that is simplistic, possible and thorough.  It is intended for people of any age and any ability from 9 – 97.
  • Addresses flexibility, strength, range of motion, balance, circulation, core conditioning and coordination as part of a total body workout.
  • Focuses on encouragement and acknowledgment while making students more aware of their bodies and themselves.
  • Choreographed teaching with variations make it possible and appropriate for any condition.
  • Uses textbook for self directive learning, self evaluation and empowerment with exercises designed to address proper movement, maximize daily living, and achievement of lifetime sustainable benefits.
  • Covers a variety of topics, including falls and recovery; foot care; body mechanics; back health; and relaxation. Fun and rewarding Body Recall is tried and tested with over 30 years of successfully teaching practical and applicable lifetime fitness.

Where can I go for classes?
Classes are offered through local certified Body Recall teachers.  Visit our website or contact Body Recall for specific class times and locations; or check your local newspaper for upcoming classes.

How much does it cost?
Body Recall classes are designed to be affordable for everyone.  There is a $25.00 annual membership fee to join Body Recall (less than .25 cents per week) and a modest fee that may be applied for classes through your local Body Recall Instructor.

How long are the classes?
Classes are offered 3 times a week and run any where from 45 min. to 1 hour.  A full Body Recall class runs 10 weeks for a total of 30 lessons.  Classes may take place for a shorter or longer period of time depending upon teacher or location.   Maximum benefits derived from a full 10 week program.

Is there a book that goes with the class?
Yes.  The book, Body Recall: A Program of Physical Fitness for the Adult, by Dorothy Chrisman, will be studied in the classes.

A safe tested program of gentle exercise and movement developed for anyone interested in lifetime fitness.

Where did it come from?
Developed in 1978 by Dorothy Chrisman a former Berea College physical education teacher whose background includes dance and ballet.

What can I expect to get from the class?
A gentle movement that will help circulation to all parts of the body without threatening the heart.  An increased awareness of how your own particular body functions.  A sense of achievement as you begin to regain control over the body you thought could never be called back to some of its former vitality and flexibility.  FUN AND FELLOWSHIP!

Will I get tired, sweaty, or be exhausted from the classes?
Body Recall offers a different approach to movement.  No bulky weights or equipment are required.  Simple practical movement designed for people of all ability or (dis)ability; from ages 9—97.

Who will I meet in these classes?
Your friends (ladies and gentlemen of all ages), your neighbors, (a few doctors even) and people who come in as strangers and leave as new friends.

What benefits have others reported from these classes?
I can open the car door with fingers I thought had stiffened forever.”  age 72
I never feel obligated to do something my body cautions against, but instead am respected for listening to my own body.”  age 39
The class has affected my well being, attitude toward myself and my general health in a very positive way.”  age 68
Energy!  I didn’t know it was supposed to have this effect.  WOW”  age 66
It is amazing how much I have gotten from the program!”  age 75
My head turns without pain, I sleep without pain killers, I feel a surge of energy.”  age 66

What do I wear?
Loose, comfortable clothes and shoes that are safe and good for your feet.  No special “exercise togs” are necessary”

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