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Smart Moves

Smart Moves to Lifetime Fitness is a structured exercessive curriculum which addresses nationwide concerns about the lack of physical activity among today’s youth. Designed to be taught in the classroom, this fitness curriculum teaches body management skills which impact student’s physical, social, and emotional development inside and outside the classroom.

What is Smart Moves?

SMART MOVES to LIFETIME FITNESS is an innovative exercise and rhythmic experience for students, grade 4 – 11, that can be conducted in the classroom. Students in grades 1 – 3 also have been exposed to Smart Moves in the classroom setting with very positive results. The design of the program provides movement experiences that are fun, challenging, creative and educational. This physically active program will help students improve concentration, focus, and academic performance, as regular exercise has proven to do for all ages.

How is it used?

Certified educators conduct 30 – minute sessions each day in this KERA-friendly program that targets the Humanities and Practical Living portions of the state testing process. It is designed to culminate in an (optional) all-school fitness assembly so that students can demonstrate their new skills and involve other students in pleasant exercise. It is a flexible fitness program, easily adaptable to students of all ages and grade levels, and physical abilities. Teachers and students will enjoy reviewing the materials for refreshment breaks of 5 or more minutes during the day to maximize energy and focus.

Who needs it?

This program is effective in responding to the urging of the Centers for Disease Control to get kids moving more. The materials can be taught while students are seated, standing, and while moving on their feet as refreshment boosters and for significant fitness development. Full participation in the program is possible through modification in the movements for students with physical disabilities. Smart Moves to Lifetime Fitness is a joyous exercise program that focuses on larger concepts than just exercise. The selected physical activity is designed to help students connect to real-life experiences while motivating and informing them of best choices that will benefit their lives in and out of school. It empowers youth to influence families, friends and communities in healthier self-management.

Who can be trained?

Teachers, school volunteers or parents who have an interest in the study of movement and who enjoy musically accompanied activities that can be done in limited space. Because of the new look and feel of this exercise approach, SMART MOVES leadership preparation will require no less than 2 ½ days (20 hours) training at a school site or at the BODY RECALL Headquarters in Berea, Kentucky. As BODY RECALL, INC partners with organizations, variations of schedules for training, such as after school, evening weekend sessions will be coordinated with the schools by mutual agreement.

Text Books

Recognition of the need for fitness programming that can motivate youth to develop physical fitness habit for life in a pain-free, risk-free way inspired Dorothy Chrisman to write this manual. Extensive work in movement education with people of all ages has helped her develop a large collection of exercises for persons of varying degrees of ability. These exercises form a knowledgeable background in movement skills for the dances and exercise sequences included in her public school curriculum and for day-to-day lifetime movement.

Each exercise, from basic to the more physically challenging, is well illustrated and accompanied by clear, detailed instructions. Essays concerning psychological and sociological adaptation of students to exercise make the manual an excellent resource for those actively engaged in exercise experiences in public schools, camps, and recreation.

by Dorothy C. Chrisman, 2005

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