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Body Recall is always looking for new instructors to help promote our mission of lifetime fitness. Here you can find information about Body Recall and becoming a Certified Instructor.

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Welcome to Body Recall
Our Pledge
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Frequently Asked Questions
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Welcome to Body Recall

On behalf of all of us here at Body Recall, we want to thank you for considering joining us in our efforts to improve peoples’ lives and promote lifetime fitness.

These are exciting times at Body Recall. We are growing and changing to make better use of technology and creativity to train new instructors, learn from our existing instructors, and become a more tightly knit and supportive organization.

For more than 30 years, Body Recall has been a leader in advancing the cause of health, wellness, and lifetime fitness. In fact, we were a pioneer in designing and teaching fitness and flexibility training programs for older adults, special needs populations, and youth.

Yet as we continue to grow, our goal remains the same: To get more people moving and keep them moving.

Rising health care costs, childhood obesity, and an aging population make the need for Body Recall’s programs and the opportunity for more Certified Body Recall Instructors greater now than ever before.

Body Recall recognizes, too, the need to promote a holistic approach to wellness that embraces body, mind, and spirit; and promotes social engagement. We further believe that each of our instructors and each of their students need to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as we inspire one another to a better quality of life through greater health and wellness.

In embracing this approach, we strive to create an environment that fosters personal growth, encourages creativity; and supports individual and group success.

We look forward to you joining us on this exciting and professionally fulfilling journey.


Jeff Rubin

Executive Director


Our Pledge

To provide all instructor candidates with a high quality training experience and to provide an environment that offers opportunities for both personal and professional growth.


Overview and History

Body Recall Inc. is a national non-profit organization founded in 1978 and headquartered in Berea, KY.  A pioneer in designing and teaching fitness and flexibility training programs for older adults, special needs populations, and youth, we have served as a leader in advancing the cause of health, wellness, and lifetime fitness for more than 30 years.

Our mission: “To offer all people a better quality of life through responsible movement that is pain-free and possible: to assist, inform, teach, and train people in the practice of lifetime fitness.”

From the beginning, Body Recall’s programs were intended to address the needs of the least of us as well as the best of us.  Our approach speaks to people who come to Body Recall in all different shapes, abilities, ages, and sizes.

Our goal: “To get more people moving and keep them moving!”

Body Recall grew out of the efforts of Dorothy Chrisman, a former physical education professor at Berea College in Berea, KY. Asked by the college to put together a program for “older populations” at a time when there were no general fitness programs specifically designed for that audience, Ms. Chrisman, whose background included dance and ballet, was eager to take on the task. Determined to design a program that was “pain-free, practical, and possible” for the broadest segment of the population, she introduced Body Recall through the Continuing Education Department in the fall of 1979.

Body Recall was incorporated in the spring of 1982. Now with close to 300 certified Body Recall instructors in 32 states, Body Recall classes are taught in colleges and universities, YMCAs, hospitals, county health departments, senior and wellness centers, assisted living and continuum of care facilities, faith-based communities, and elsewhere.

People who participate in Body Recall benefit from improved physical health, mental health, lower health care costs and fewer trips seeking medical care. Continued use of Body Recall improves a student’s ability to live independently as they age.

People of any fitness level who go through the class will benefit from:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Better balance
  • Increased strength
  • Improved circulation
  • More energy
  • More confidence

Body Recall classes also address fall prevention and fall recovery, directly targeting the No.1 cause of hospitalizations in the United States among those age 65 and older and a major threat to a person’s ability to live independently.

Falls are just part of the rising costs we face today. Given the dramatic increase in chronic illnesses affecting both young and not–so–young alike, we continue to spend billions of dollars in avoidable health care costs. They are costs that Body Recall has been able to help people reduce or avoid through its unique approach to improved fitness that is pain-free, practical, and thorough.


Facts About Body Recall

  • Founded in 1978; incorporated in 1982
  • A registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization
  • Nearly 300 instructors in 32 states
  • Students ranging from preschoolers to those age 100+
  • The Berea, KY, headquarters includes a 2,700 square foot activity room
    for classes and instructor training


Body Recall’s Culture Will Always:

  • Be welcoming
  • Provide for student engagement
  • Have challenging content suited to the individual
  • Demonstrate appreciation for student involvement


Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions about becoming an instructor:

Do I need a degree or any special training?
Our instructors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from stay-at-home moms to full-time or retired professionals. No special skills set or pre-requisite training is required. You will, however, need a current certification in CPR. Body Recall will provide you with the training and materials you need to lead Body Recall exercise classes. Training is done through a combination of at-home study materials and on-site instruction at our Berea, KY, headquarters or other locations chosen by Body Recall.

How long is training?
Certified Training usually takes about 40 hours to complete with a combination of both at-home practice of materials sent in advance of training and two-and-a-half days of on-site training.

Is there a fee for training?
The fee for new instructor training is $750. The fee covers instructional materials and 40 hours of on-site and off-site training. The fee can be paid by a sponsoring organization, such as a church, business or civic group.

What happens after I am certified?
Students who complete certification will be provided with a business and marketing kit to help establish ongoing Body Recall classes. Classes can be taught at a church, school, community center or any place that has enough space for a class. Some instructors even hold classes outdoors.
Instructors decide what fees to charge their students. Instructors do pay a $25 monthly fee to Body Recall for ongoing marketing and instructional assistance and support. Student fees should more than offset the monthly payment to Body Recall, giving instructors supplemental income or, with enough class offerings and students, a full-time career.
If an organization, such as a church or a business, wants to provide the classes free to members or employees, the $25 fee still applies, usually paid by the organization.
Feel free to contact Body Recall at 859-986-2181 or e-mail for more details about getting trained or setting up a class.

What is the class structure?
Classes are optimally offered in 10-week sessions, usually meeting an hour at a time three days per week. The instructor sets the time and place and decides how many students will be in the class. The instructor also decides how many 10-week sessions to teach during the year.

What about follow-up training?
Certified instructors will be given access to additional online training materials and support. Instructors are recertified every two years. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as on-site and online training or video review.

What makes a good instructor?
Body Recall instructors come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. If you have an interest in health and wellness, are inspired by working with people of all ages, are motivated, expressive, possess an enterprising spirit or simply have a desire to make a lasting difference in yourself and those around you, then Body Recall may be just the right fit for you.

How do I sign up?
Contact Body Recall at 859-986-2181 or e-mail or fill out our Instructor Enrollment Form.


What Makes A Good Body Recall Instructor:

  • Positive outlook
  • Love for exercise and fitness
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Desire to work with students of different ages and abilities
  • Willingness to promote Body Recall and lifetime fitness


Advantages of Being a Body Recall Instructor:

  • Join a national organization with a proven reputation as a leader in lifetime fitness
  • Positively impact the health and well-being of others
  • Exercise while you work
  • Set your own schedule
  • Earn supplemental income or create a full-time career


Opportunities for Success:

There are three trends in our society that make the need for the Body Recall exercise program and Body Recall instructors greater now than ever before:
  • Alarming health care costs and the growing awareness that a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce medical expenses.
  • Epidemic of obesity: About a third of adults are obese and 17 percent of adolescents are obese. Millions more people are overweight and want to lose weight.
  • Aging society: More people today are over the age of 40 than under. In fact, those who are 85+ represent the fastest growing segment of our society. This increased longevity coupled with more than 78 million aging baby boomers is having a profound effect on every aspect of our community and our society.
Body Recall instructors receive the training they need to make a positive impact at a local and personal level and have the opportunity to do so in a way that provides flexibility and financial rewards.
Body Recall instructors have the freedom to choose the time and locations of their classes and how many sessions they teach during a year. They also decide what they will charge their students. Some instructors have sponsoring organizations that allow classes to be provided for free.
Your income will vary based upon the number of 10-week cycles you teach during the year and the number of students you have per class and the fees collected.  Potential Income Scenarios provides details of three income scenarios that range from $36,000 per year to $60,000 per year.  Income levels depend upon YOU and the schedules you create.
We believe this business model makes Body Recall affordable for our students to become part of our lifetime fitness classes and provides our instructors with a realistic guideline for personal and professional compensation.
If you want to be part of an organization that offers thorough training, a flexible, portable fitness program that appeals to the widest possible audience then Body Recall is a great fit for you.
We invite you to join us as a Body Recall Instructor.


Fee and Training Information

The fee for new instructor training is $750 for approximately 40 hours of a combination of both at-home practice and two-and-a-half days of on-site training.

Fees can be directly paid to Body Recall via check or credit card by the individual or by a sponsoring organization, such as a church, business or civic group. All fees should be paid in full three weeks prior to our training dates.  This will allow participants to receive instructional materials for review and practice in advance of on-site certification training.  Prior practice and review will enhance the training experience for all participants and greatly influence a student’s level of success.

See a more detailed list of what is included with fees and what other items you will need for a class herePotential Instructor Cost Estimate

On site trainings are held at our national Body Recall headquarters or at regional locations throughout the country. Fees do not cover any lodging that may be required. Body Recall will provide some meals during on-site training.

On-site training schedule:



8:30     CLASS 1- intro and Breathing (Follow the Leader)

9:30     CLASS 2- Attitudes and Posture (Dream)

10:30   CLASS 3 – Balance (Standing Leg Warm-up)

11:30   LUNCH

1:00     CLASS 4 – Tension Release and Relaxation



Groups will be divided to enable students to practice the sequences with trainer’s coaching

4:00     Class 5 – Arm and Shoulder Strength (Rope)



8:00     GOOD NIGHT



8:30      CLASS 6 – Core Strength (Wand)

9:30      CLASS 7 – Hip Strength (3 Level Standing)

10:30    CLASS 8 – Body Mechanics (Joy)

11:30    LUNCH

12:00    TUTORIAL TIME will enable students to schedule time-slots for individual

or small group sessions

2:30     CLASS 9 – Falls and Fall Recovery (Self Rising Falls)

3:30     CLASS 10 – Reaching for More (Schottische & Standing Dream)


5:00     BREAK DINNER (@ 5:30)



8:00     GOOD NIGHT







1:00     HEAD HOME

Travel and lodging

If traveling by plane for instruction in Berea, KY, please schedule your flight to arrive in Lexington, KY, not later than 5 p.m. (Eastern Time) the day before training is to begin. Your return flight should be scheduled no earlier than 3 p.m. (Eastern Time) on the last day of training. Body Recall can provide airport shuttle service for a round-trip fee of $45.

Lodging can be arranged at a Body Recall preferred rate at a nearby Comfort Inn & Suites, where a continental breakfast is included. The Comfort Inn is approximately 1 mile from Body Recall headquarters and close to local shopping and restaurants. Trainees can indicate on the registration form if they are interested in sharing a room to reduce lodging expenses. We cannot guarantee a roommate. Shuttle service to Body Recall training will be arranged free of charge from Comfort Inn & Suites if needed.

Berea is a scenic and historic community, known as the artisan capital of Kentucky. Trainees may want to schedule extra time around training to enjoy all Berea has to offer. For more information about Berea, go to

Upcoming Instructor Training Sessions

January 14 – 16, 2012 (Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend)
February 18 -20, 2012  (Presidents Day weekend)

March 15 – 17, 2012
April 13 – 15, 2012


June 8 – 10, 2012
July 26 – 28, 2012
August 4 – 6, 2012 Ohio
August 23 – 25, 2012 Florida

September 16 – 18, 2012
October 6-8, 2012 (Columbus Day observed)
November 9-11, 2012 (Veterans Day observed)
December 1-3, 2012

Deadline for application and full payment is no later than three weeks in advance. If deadline has passed, please contact our office to see if there are still openings.


Memorandum of Understanding

Our memorandum of understanding serves as an agreement of expectations, between you, (the Certified Instructor Trainee) and Body Recall, Inc. The memorandum should be read, signed and returned with your enrollment form at least three weeks prior to the start of training. You can read and print a copy here: MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING.


Certified Instructor Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified Body Recall Instructor. Please fill out the information requested and submit this form. A Body Recall representative will contact you.
  • Deadline for registration is three weeks in advance of the session. Call Body Recall at 859-986-2181 if you are seeking to register for a class after the deadline.
  • Lodging can be arranged at a Body Recall preferred rate at the Comfort Inn & Suites. A continental breakfast is included. The Comfort Inn is approximately 1 mile from Body Recall headquarters. Shuttle service to Body Recall training will be arranged free of charge.
  • Body Recall will help arrange a roommate within the instructor training class if desired. By choosing "yes" you allow Body Recall to share some information with other trainees seeking a roommate.

Still Have Questions?

If there are questions we have not yet answered, please direct them to or give us a call at 859-986-2181.


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Body Recall, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Organization. Donations are deductable for U.S. federal income tax purposes.