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The instructors  listed  have  fulfilled  the  requirements for leadership in  BODY RECALL  classes.   They  have  been  trained and received certification by one of our Certified Body Recall Trainers. Some of our instructors have achieved an EXEMPLARY INSTRUCTOR (*) Certification which is awarded in recognition of outstanding experience in leading more than one level of BODY RECALL and specific other requirements leading to advanced levels of excellence.  Exemplary Instructors often serve as mentors for newly certified  Insturctors in their state.  Exemplary Instructors may also serve on the Advisory Council of Certified Instructors working with the Board of Directors of Body Recall, Inc.  Some have achieved certification to conduct classes for SPECIAL POPULATIONS. In compiling this list, BODY RECALL, INC. recognizes those individuals who teach students how to improve quality of life through risk-free exercise.  We anticipate this information will assist those seeking class instruction by Certified Instructors of BODY RECALL. Churches, hospitals, health departments, schools and communities that do not have a BODY RECALL insturctor may arrange to send a candidate for training to BODY RECALL HEADQUARTERS, Berea, Kentucky. *      Exemplary Instructor **    Lifetime Certification ***  Trainer
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